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Jasper is a young member of our community who has cerebral palsy and scoliosis.

He needs a very special wheelchair and a specialized van in order to get around.  A few of his friends are having a fundraiser to help him make necessary improvements to both sets of wheels.

You might know his parents, Hobie from Hobie and the Leftovers and Courtney, AKA Buttertooth, singer and songwriter extraordinaire.

We are currently soliciting donations for a June 14th fundraiser with food, live music, and other entertainment.  Thank you for donating a raffle item, a silent auction item, food, booze, money, or time.  His parents have done a lot of fundraisers for a lot of good causes, and now this amazing little family needs our help.  Email  to JammingForJasper@gmail.com if you want to make a donation.

The Main Event:

JUNE 14, 2015 –At Hemingway’s Port of Call N3270 Co Hwy H, Lake Geneva

  • Live Music

  • Silent Auction

  • Live Auction

  • Raffles

  • Food

The fun starts at noon and goes all day.

Jasper Poster!

MORE ABOUT JASPER: Jasper is fifteen years old. Nothing makes him happier than seeing live music. He loves all sports, especially baseball and tennis and MMA (mixed martial arts).  Like a lot of boys his age, he loves off-color jokes, especially puns. He laughs out loud when he watches The Office, his favorite show. He is not too old to cry when he is frustrated or mad. He is obsessed with the stock market, and loves to watch Fast Money, Mad Money, and Shark Tank. And he loves girls, especially pretty girls. They like him too. He melts hearts.

But he can’t speak.

His smile is the only real control he has over his body. He will never walk. He moves, incessantly, often painfully, almost always against his will.

Jasper has dystonic cerebral palsy. Someone must care for him 24 hours a day. If left alone, even for a moment, he can severely injure himself.

To communicate with him, his people ask him questions. He waits so patiently while they work a guessing game. They ask, interpret, check in to see if they got it right. He smiles when they guess right. He understands everything that goes on around him. He cries at sad movies, laughs at sophisticated jokes, gets distraught if you turn off the radio while he is trying to listen to baseball statistics or stock market reports.

Thank you for helping us to raise funds to improve his mobility and well-being. Our fundraiser, Jamming for Jasper, will include an event with food, drink, raffles and a silent auction. Proceeds will go to improve his mobility by paying for his transport van, making improvements to his wheelchair, maybe, if we are really lucky, getting him a therapy tub.

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Let's get Better Wheels and a Therapy Tub for Jasper